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English roulette

The roulette is a game of chance in which every player, sat around a gaming table, put on a number, a color or the parity of the number that he hopes to be pulled. The edition of the number is made by means of a ball thrown in a rotating circular bowl and provided with notches having numbers of various colors.

Rules of the game


The blackjack made its appearance at the end of the xviiie century under the name of "21". This game is on the base inspired by two card games: the railroad and the farm francaise. It is in the period played in the Parisian casinos.

It is then introduced in the United States without much success. To try to attract the players, casinotiers invents bonuses. The players having an Ace of spades and a black Servant gain a bonus which offers then a payment of 10 against 1. The name of the game thus results of the " Servant Black " from this bonus or "Black jack" in English. We still call this game so even if the bonus does not exist any more.

Rules of the game

Hold’em poker

Texas hold ' em is a variant of the poker. It constitutes the most known and most played variant, in particular in its no-limit shape, that is without maximal limitation of stake or relaunching, used during the main event of World Series of poker, the biggest tournament of poker of the world in term of gains and popularity.

It takes place from two players opposite in face up to ten players in complete table (full ring). The purpose of the game is to gain the tokens of the other players by having the best hand or by making them throw their cards.

Rules of the game

Caribbean stud Poker

The Poker of the Carribbean islands or Caribbean Stud Poker, also called Tropical Stud Poker, is a version of Stud to five cards.
Caribbean Stud Poker is little as the blackjack where the various players face the croupier rather than the other players, as in the majority of the variants of the poker.

Rules of the game

Slot machines

How do I choose a machine?

  • Check the coin denominations shown on the screen (1F, 2F, 5F …)
  • Check how many lines the machine has (9, 20, 25, 50, 100 lines…)
  • Multiply these 2 figures and you'll get your average bet.
  • Then choose a machine that appeals to you (Egypt, Africa, Chevalerie...)


  • Start small (average bet between 20F & 40F)
  • Always play the maximum number of lines to increase your chances of a winning combination
  • Use "Credits" or "Bet" buttons to maximise your payouts (the higher the bet, the higher the payout)
  • To get maximum enjoyment from playing, be sure to read and understand the machine's payout schedule
  • Please feel free to ask our orange-shirted customer assistants for further advice or information.

Useful info:

  • The machine payback percentage is given on a maximum bet basis. Thus, the higher you play, the closer you get to the theoretical payback percentage.
  • Government regulations require casinos to provide a minimum return rate of 85%. Casinos de Nouméa apply a much higher minimum return rate; customer loyalty is a top priority.
  • Casinos de Nouméa renew 20% of their slot machine pool every year to meet our patrons' most exacting requirements. Our patrons can rest assured that their chosen venue is at the cutting edge of gaming technology and offers the very latest innovations.

Essential slot machine terms

amount of money you are required to bet to play a game. The denomination many be shown in cents (c), which corresponds to Pacific francs (1XPF = 1c).

symbols “scattered” across the screen. Such symbols are "wild" because they don't have to line up on the normal paylines to activate the "feature"

bonus game in addition to conventional lines. A bonus game in the reel game which can often bring big returns (free games, paylines with multipliers…)

acts like a joker. This symbol can replace any other symbol except the Scatter.

what you win

the amount you have to your credit on the machine

what you wager