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Sponsorship or Partnership

Sponsorship/patronage as such signifies the promotion of literature and the arts by a sponsor or patron who commissions works or provides funding. For tax or accountancy purposes, it is considered as a donation. In practice, sponsorship initiatives qualify for a preferential tax system insofar as there is significant disparity between the amount paid out and what is received in return.

However, Casinos of Nouméa are not governed by the tax system which applies to most other businesses and are not eligible for any kind of tax concession.
Therefore, we will speak more in terms of partnership than of sponsorship since the Casinos can derive no tax benefit from providing financial support for an event, an athlete, an association, etc.


While France has the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe and Australia the Melbourne Cup, New Caledonia boasts the Casinos Coupe Clarke. The top event in the New Caledonian horseracing calendar!

And since 2003, Casinos de Nouméa have been proud partners in this prestigious annual sporting event organised by the Société Sportive de Nouvelle Calédonie.

The 80th Casinos COUPE CLARKE event will be held in 2011 and promises to be a really big event for both New Caledonia and Casinos de Nouméa. Don't miss this exciting day of world-class sport scheduled for August this year!

Professional triathlon - PATRICK VERNAY

New Caledonia has given birth to and nurtured a number of great athletes. Only a very few have risen to fame as international sporting stars and Patrick Vernay is such a one. Multiple French Triathlon champion and best French long distance triathlete, in 2009 Patrick Vernay decided to dedicate himself full-time to his beloved sport by becoming a professional and by focussing his training program on the Ironman events and the famous Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

It was therefore quite natural that Casinos de Nouméa should support Patrick in his project and help him achieve peak performance during his all-year-round training in New Caledonia, setting a worthy example of sporting excellence for our budding young athletes.

For more information about Patrick Vernay www.patrickvernay.com/


Casinos de Nouméa have long sought for ways to demonstrate their commitment to fostering and promoting artistic and cultural development in New Caledonia. Various partnerships and exchanges with local artists have already been organised but such projects have so far been on a one-off basis.

Casinos de Nouméa wish to develop and sustain such initiatives through a closer and more permanent relationship with the arts.

When local association "Les Arts Bougent" approached the Casinos to request our support in 2009, we were at once impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of people who so clearly shared our interest in the enduring promotion of the visual arts.
Given the upsurge in New Caledonian art and artists, this new arts review could not have come along at a better time. Furthermore, this new forum not only offers much to seasoned art and exhibition lovers but also to the uninitiated eager to learn about art.

Casinos de Nouméa are therefore proud and delighted to give their support to this enterprising initiative and wish this new arts review long life and success.

For more information on Arts on the Move: http://lesartsbougent.asso.nc